As Aqua Ad Vinum, we provide the most fun activities and parties inside and outside of Flushing that even reach beyond the borders of our small country. Below is a list of our biggest events and parties that you should not miss!

The Midwinter Camp

Every year we have another camp in addition to intro camp: The Midwinter Camp! This is because waiting a whole year to go to camp again is far too long in our eyes. At The MidwinterKamp, we will be having fun with our members in the Ardennes. As if that wasn't fun enough, the entire camp will feature awesome activities, parties and, of course, lots of beer! Do you roll through the snow in your underpants or do you prefer to stay in the warmth with a drink in your hand? There is plenty for everyone to do and nothing is too crazy.

Indoor Soccer

After gulping down the delicious alcoholic refreshments available at our soos, of course you have to work this off to stay in shape for your crush😉🤓

But rest assured! Because we have the perfect solution here😌.
In fact, in cooperation with HZ sport, we have an Aqua Ad Vinum indoor soccer team from the association!⚽️🤩
Training for this takes place weekly on Tuesdays between 18:00 and 20:00.

You can sign up for this team via the group app!

Ladies Night

This special evening is especially for the girls among us. Surely every year there is a very nice performance, which will make red cheeks appear in many.

But rest assured, even the men are secretly well spoiled with their own performance in the soos.

Tight on cash

As a student, the end of the month is always a bitter time. You think back to the great nights where you still had money and hope Uncle DUO pays out again soon. Therefore, this party is especially for those who have to dip just a little further into the purse. So party nice and cheap with us!

Flirtation Night

This iconic celebration takes place every year at the beginning of the school year. To get to know everyone well,or even better. Do you already have a crush and would like to confess it (anonymously)? Then this party is definitely your chance!!!

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The wildest party of the year! With our soos transformed into a jungle full of tigers on the loose and lions on the prowl, no one is safe.