We have several committees just like other sororities. These Committees help the association organize activities, Parties, promotional materials, bar services and much more.

When you participate in one of the committees you can also earn credits for HZ personality for this. Butrr participating in a committee is more than that! Since within committees, friendships are quickly formed for life! We have two different types of committees: committees that are open for anyone to join and committees with participation by invitation of the committee head.

Committees open to all members

The Soos Committee
We as the soos committee are behind the bar every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday in our beloved sorority de dop to provide our members with delicious drinks. Whether it's on Wednesdays and Sundays you're making mix drinks at your leisure. Or on Thursdays showing off your inner bartender/woman, getting the whole club drunk with our changing monthly offers and of course our standard assortment. Within this committee it is all possible! Are you thinking ''Potbelly that seems cool. Building a party every week and keeping our society in top shape." Then join the soos committee soon!
The Festivities Committee
Create unforgettable times for members with the association? That's where the Festivities Committee about! Of monthly coming up with different themed parties where we will have our soos and tribal pub Tripel blond transformed into another dimension, into activities organize such as a night of fun pool with everyone or a trip to Paris. So within this committee above all, let your creativity run wild go! Would you like to take part in the most fun and exciting activities? put within the association, then you are on the Festivities Committee on the right place!
The Promotion Committee
At this committee we make fun creative banners, posters and videos to promote the best parties and activities. We also make sure that all our socials stay up to date and maintain the website. Are you creative, do you have good ideas to bring the activities even more to the attention of the students and would you like to use them to boost the association and/or apply the things you learned during your studies? Then this committee is really for you!
The Sponsorship Committee
To put on as many cool activities and parties as possible, sponsors are obviously needed! In this committee you will learn how to deal professionally with sponsors and how to get a sponsorship deal done, which of course is super handy for your future work! So do you find it interesting to look for different sponsors and attend meetings with these companies? Then join this committee now!

Invited committees

The Midwinter Camp Committee
Every year the top members of the midwinter camp committee work hard to put on an unforgettable camp for the members in the beautiful snowy mountains of the Belgian Ardennes. An organizational challenge it certainly is; from ringing bells and tapping beers to shopping and running shifts, nothing is too crazy for the midwinter camp committee. But of course, the most important thing about the Midwinter Camp is to go wild, and in this, this committee can set a good example like the best ;)
The Handyman Committee
The Photography Committee