We are looking for you!

Do you want to make more of student life than just studying and sleeping? Then join now the very best student union in Zeeland! We are Aqua ad Vinum, also known as AAV and THE student association for everyone studying at the "HZ University of Applied Sciences" and we are looking for you! Are you in your first year, or have you been at HZ a little longer? We want to make your student time unforgettable through awesome parties and activities. Every month phenomenal themed parties such as: 'Tight on Cash', 'Wrong Fitness', 'Full Moon' and of course 'Flirt Night'. In addition, our Society de Dop is open every Wednesday, Thursday AND Sunday. So there is always something fun to do!

Outside of all the partying, we also organize incredibly fun activities. So you can play pool, bowl, paintball and do many more fun activities together with your friends from AAV. We also organize The Midwinter Camp, where we take a weekend in the Ardennes and we party until the sun rises again, you don't want to miss that, do you?

So would you now like to broaden your social circles or meet new people if you just moved here? Then sign up soon because at AAV you are never alone!

Perhaps also nice to know is that we have no hazing for new members. Everyone is welcome, nothing must, everything is allowed!

Pssst. While you're at it, sign up for our awesome Intro Camp right away!

As Aqua Ad Vinum, we provide the most fun activities and parties inside and outside of Flushing that even reach beyond the borders of our small country. These events and parties are not to be missed!

Stories from our members

  • Niek - 20

    I joined AAV because I wanted to know a lot of new people very quickly. And it certainly succeeded. So every time you step into the soos it's super fun, it feels like a big group of friends. And also the motto, "Nothing must, everything goes," helps tremendously to feel at home within the association.

    Niek - 20
    Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Bart - 22

    When I went from high school to college, I knew I wanted to enjoy my student time more but I hadn't delved into this further. Until, at intake days, a presentation came from AAV and I knew right away that this was what I wanted. When I heard that the motto was "Nothing must go anywhere," I knew right away that AAV would be exactly my thing. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, everyone is welcome! I have been at AAV for a year now and I have experienced many of my best nights and days this year and made friends for life.

    Bart - 22
  • Lars - 20
    Before I began my education at HZ in Flushing, I did not have such a positive
    image about student unions. The idea of extreme activities to join a
    group to be allowed to belong did not appeal to me at all. Subsequently, I came in contact
    with some people who already had experience with AAV and they explained to me that this was
    is not the case here. Therefore, therefore, the motto "nothing must everything may." The first day
    at school, I was accosted by AAV members and then immediately invited to
    their party that night. I knew few people here before but from the moment I
    was inside, it was cozy and a big party.
    Lars - 20
  • Joy
    As a first-year student, I wanted to get everything out of it. Where should I start?
    No idea! Until, during induction week, there was a pitch about the student organization Aqua ad Vinum.
    Companionship, friends, parties and activities. Perfect for getting to know new people.
    I decided to check out the General Intro Day at the Bellamy Park and I haven't left there since.
    A new home in a new city.


Our sponsors and partners

On this page, we also like to highlight some of our sponsors and partners. These companies have each supported us in their own way over the past year. Where some contributed financially, others supported us with a specific service/product or discount. Regardless of the form of cooperation, we are all very grateful to them.