Student Association Aqua Ad Vinum is the oldest and largest student association in Zeeland. Since its founding in 2001, it has been the only sorority with a home base so close to the beach!

In addition to the many contacts you will gain as a member of our association, you will learn to develop yourself in many areas through committee or board work, for example, and you can actively build your CV. You can also train as a member on one of our sports teams.

At Aqua ad Vinum you will make friends for life!


  • 31 Mei 2001Foundation Aqua ad Vinum

    In early 2001, no fewer than 5 (!) student associations could be found in the beautiful and already familiar Vlissingen. These 5 student associations were: t'Floei (pabo), Quadrivium (HTS), mort Subite (independent), Cinaedus (HEAO) and Mirfisto (maritime school). All these 5 student associations had as their main sponsor ''Rabobank'' which at the time profiled itself as ''the student bank of the Netherlands''.
    However, the IB-Groep (now DUO) decided to introduce the performance grant, putting more pressure on them. Because of this, Rabobank thought 5 student associations in ''oh so small'' Flushing but too many and too cluttered.
    All 5 were told by the Rabobank that they had to merge with each other so that eventually only 2 student associations remained in Flushing (they could figure out how).
    After several talks and negotiations, t'Floei, Quadrivium, and Mort Subite merged and came out under the joint name ''S.V. Trias Omega'' as of early 2001. To this day, S.V. Trias Omega no longer exists (reason unknown).

    However, negotiations for a merger between Cinaedus and Mirfisto ran into difficulty, as the then board members had different demands and desires. When they finally got around to it, they decided to call the new, merged association, ''Aqua ad Vinum'' (Latin for ''Water with wine''). This student association no longer focused only on the students of their own studies (which was very common for a student association at the time), but on all students of the Hogeschool Zeeland. Thus, the first general Sv in Flushing was born.
    Negotiations with all the other associations at HZ for the creation of one association within Hogeschool Zeeland did not go as Cinaedus and Mirfisto would have liked.

    They then decided to merge with each other to form one association. These negotiations eventually resulted in Aqua ad Vinum. This student association no longer focused only on the students of their own studies, but on all students of the Hogeschool Zeeland, thus the first general association in Vlissingen was born.
  • 2005Nothing must, everything goes

    A jump in time brings us to the year 2005 (April 2005 to be exact). The year when one of the society's disputants (Marum Bibio) split from the parent society due to different views and ideas from the then AAV board. With this split off, our motto ''Nothing must, everything goes!" was also created. This motto came about because AAV wanted to distinguish itself from the other student associations, move more with the times, and break away from old habits such as hazing for freshmen. This is how our motto, known to this day as ''Nothing goes, everything goes'' was born!
  • 2019Moving Society

    An even greater leap in time brings us to the year 2019, the year in which, after several wonderful years in our society ''The Staircase'' ,upstairs Tripel, were forced to move downstairs. This move was the birth of our present-day society ''The Dop'' !